A design studio where creativity and simplicity intersect and thrive.

Unlock your digital potential with our expert web design and development services, transforming your online presence into a captivating and powerful experience.

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Transforming your digital vision into reality.

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Web Design & Development

Whether your website is at its beginning stages or in dire need of a refresh, we are equipped to create and implement an ideal presence. With a balance of appealing design and an optimal user experience, we aim to position your business or organization to meet overall brand objectives.

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Brand Identity

From logo development to ensuring your marketing materials are cohesively designed, we can make sure your brand evokes exactly what you want your target audience to resonate with.

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Content Creation

We bring to life your brand through impactful imagery and videos that can be utilized across your website to marketing materials.

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Social Media

Your brand presence on the website should be cross promote across social media for optimal reach. Whether you're needing content creation to community management, we will curate a strategy that fits your budget and objectives.

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Website Maintenance

Once we complete the design and launch of your new website, it's important to keep everything updated and relevant. From brand updates to functionality check-ins are essential to keep an engaging website.

Meet the crew

Smiling picture of Owner of InlumaStudio.

Web Designer & Developer

With a background in Computer Science and a hidden passion for design and architecture, he intersects the two to help entrepreneurs, brands and organizations build their online presence via modern and personalized websites. As a true problem solver, he’s always willing and ready to tackle any challenge - whether it comes to design or within the development stage.

Sneyder Jimenez

image of team member Ingrid Quiroz

Creative Director & Account Manager

With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for aesthetics, Ingrid brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. As a creative visionary, she is responsible for curating one-of-a-kind designs ensuring that every project exceeds client expectations. Simultaneously, as an account manager, Ingrid seamlessly bridges the gap between clients and our studio, providing exceptional communication, understanding client needs, and delivering outstanding results.

Ingrid Quiroz

our concept

The design is grounded in a user-friendly experience accompanied by a modern aesthetic followed by a simplified process.

the discovery

This is by far one of the most important parts of the website design process as it sets the foundation for a curated website. We schedule a discovery touch base to understand needs and wants for your website.

Design + Content Strategy

Reviewing and optimizing the content involves assessing the brand messaging needed to tell your story, the brand style and tone of voice, and the balance of text against photography, graphics, video or downloads.

Visual Design

Apply the brand guidelines to the user interface and begin building content for the site. Using our flow diagrams from the discovery phase while optimizing the user experience to make sure it’s engaging and efficient.


We will bring the design to life to ensure that the functionality and responsiveness is at the highest quality. While also performing a series of tests to get it ready for launch!

the delivery

We made it to the last stage! At this time, we will provide a walkthrough of your website to ensure all your questions are answered and discuss any maintenance.

Let's work together.

We can't wait to hear from you and help your business evolve through a tailored-made process. If you are ready to work together, schedule a free discovery call with our creative director.