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Dallas-based cosmetology school specializing in lash extension and esthetician programs, certifications and continuing education for beauty enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs ready to evolve into the next chapter of their career.

With a comprehensive overhaul, we undertook the complete redesign of LLR's website, transitioning from Squarespace 7.0 to Webflow. This migration allowed us to construct a tailor-made online platform that aligns seamlessly with the updated branding and messaging of the cosmetology school.

Drawing inspiration from the artistry and elegance of the beauty industry, our design approach embodies the essence of beauty throughout the website. We meticulously curated each element to reflect the cosmetology school's curriculum and licensing programs, ensuring that the website serves as a visual representation of the skills and expertise taught within.

By leveraging Webflow's powerful customization capabilities, we crafted a website that is truly unique and distinctive. The design choices made were deliberate, aiming to captivate visitors and leave a lasting impression. The revamped website now showcases an artistic blend of typography, imagery, and color palettes that harmoniously convey the school's dedication to beauty education.

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Lash & Esthetician Cosmetology School


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